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Welcome to the FUTURE

What do you look for in an internet provider?

Is it fast, symmetrical speeds? Reliability? Quality of Service (QoS)? Customer service? The ability to future-proof your connection?


Located in Alabama's Gulf Coast, we offer all of these things—and more!

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Why HighStream Fiber?

Quality of Service (QoS)

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Fiber is the gold standard of broadband.

A fiber optic network uses light instead of metal to transmit data, which means you'll enjoy a faster, clearer connection with no blips.

Future Proof

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Fiber is the future of the internet, because it's built on a technology that is infinitely scalable.

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Customer Service

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We're committed to delivering the best possible service at all times and making sure our customers are happy.

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Our Plans

We've got something for everyone.

  • What’s so great about a fiber optic internet connection?
    Speed is Limitless - unlike telephone and tv cable which uses copper where bandwidth is limited, fiber optical cable has no limitation. So, once you install fiber, you will never have to replace the cable to increase your bandwidth. Same download as upload speed - With optical fiber network transmission, subscribers get the same upload speed as they do download speed which isn’t possible with telephone or tv cable. Subscribers that like to game online will appreciate this! Say goodbye to lighting strikes - both telephone and tv cable (Ariel or underground) put the subscriber’s TVs, computers, and home routers at risk of malfunctioning due to nearby lightning strikes. Optical fiber is totally immune to lighting strike or any other electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Who do I contact if I’m having problems with my internet connection?
    Please send email to
  • How do I check to see if HighStream Fiber is available in my area?
    Please email
  • Do I have to be a HighStream Fiber Internet subscriber to have HighStream Fiber’s Managed WiFi?
    No. HighStream Fiber’s Managed WiFi can be installed in any home or business whether the home or business subscribes to HighStream Fiber’s internet service or not.
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Highstream Fiber is a full-service Internet service provider. We offer the gold standard of internet quality, competitive pricing, and all-in customer service to ensure your experience is always the best it can be.

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